About Mark: A Project in Development

This is, without a doubt, the largest project I have ever undertaken. At this point, I don’t think I am fully aware what I have gotten myself into. If I can keep working at the same rate I have been, I wouldn’t expect to see this project complete for another year… or two. 2013? 2014? Why bother? The world is ending next December, anyway.

I have all 16 Parts written, but the artwork is not planned out. If I were to guess, I’d expect to end up with somewhere between 100 – 120 pages. That number is daunting. In fact, a small part of me dies inside just thinking about it. My last project, which I spent about 6 months on, was a mere 24 pages. I was excited to see that through. It was the first time I had legitimately finished some sort of sequential work outside of school. After a bit of a break, I kept that momentum coming into this. I was very excited about this project. I am still very excited about this project. I want to see it all the way through. And as of right now, I completely plan on seeing it all the way through.

I will most likely submit this to different websites and different publishers. But if the responses aren’t positive (or are non-existent), and I feel like the only person reading this is my Aunt (whose support I do always appreciate), it may become difficult to justify the continued work, as I would expect my mind to drift onto other topics by that point. So if you’ve found yourself here, and you like what you see… or even if you don’t like what you see… then please, send me something. Encourage me. Let me know this is worthwhile.

Danny M. Valdez November 29, 2011
A few technical notes:

These pages were designed with full-spread printing in mind. That means that every once in a while, a graphic from the previous page or next page may bleed into the page you’re looking at, and out of context, may look a little odd. I have also omitted blank pages (used to separate titles, etc.), so it may seem like the page numbering skips a page every now and then.

Most importantly, due to this being created with the final printed product in mind, I had to make the page views fairly large—larger than is recommended for typical web design. Although I feel most people will not be negatively affected, I do apologize if you made your way here to look at my artwork, then had technical troubles while trying to do so.